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  1. Hi Please be assured that we have tested the carry forward extensively. However, the 2015 file requires to be either: i) PDF'ed and saved, or ii) you must have Netfiled your previous year's return and saved it using Ufile 2015 The above steps need to be done before you attempt to carry it forward using Ufile for 2016. Only once the above steps are done can you effectively carry forward your 2015 file using Ufile for 2016. If you have done either step i) or ii) and you are still not able to carry forward your file, please contact support so they can assist you in sending an anonymous extract of your 2015 file so we can investigate why this process is not working for you. Thank you, George Hiotis (QA Manager)
  2. If I understand the initial question correctly it is, if someone misses a tax credit for last year's return can you retro-actively apply for it? And the answer is Yes! You can use either Form T1-ADJ that is included with Ufile, or alternatively a short letter written to the CRA with the relevant forms attached should be sufficient to allow the CRA to assess in your favour.
  3. Mr Sager, As Quality Control manager at Ufile I greatly appreciate your feedback with respect to what we can do to improve Ufile! Thank you!
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