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  1. When foreign tax paid exceeds the foreign tax credit, the excess may be deducted on line 232 (23200 in 2019). How do we do that?
  2. And to make matters worse, UFile's answer to my original question was completely wrong, at least according to the Canada Revenue Agency. So when I pointed that out, the Help Desk conveniently gave a different answer. Truly abysmal service
  3. 1) I've given UFile access to the tax returns 2) Despite doing that, I cannot get an answer from such a review 3) In a new low for customer service, the help desk today said "Unfortunately, our relephone support does not work today." Thats an exact quote, including the typo!
  4. Hello UFile, could someone reply & address the issue? I've emailed your help desk on 5 occasions so far and no personal attempt to resolve the problem.
  5. Similar issue - both husband & wife are disabled with forms registered with CRA, but wife still remains as caregiver for husband. I have filled in the Interview data exactly as instructed by U File & your help team, but no caregiver credit shows up anywhere.
  6. After 40 min on hold with UFile's lack of help desk, I called CRA. 3 minutes on hold and my problem was resolved in 5 minutes. All UFile had to tell me was that the federal caregiver amount cannot be claimed by a spouse, which CRA clearly and politely explained to me
  7. Am I the only one having a problem here, as UFile's help desk seems to be blaming me ... "You are making this complicated when it is not.... That is all." My issue is indeed simple: First, I entered standard medical expenses for each of my in-laws in their respective interview sections, including cost of attendant care in his interview. My father in law is disabled so I entered a description of his disability and that he should claim the disability amount on line 316. I also indicated that he is entitled to the caregiver amount as it appears this must be claimed by the disabl
  8. The T2 return has a section to enter info re corporate officers who are shareholders. But a private company must also disclose shareholders owning more than 10% of either preferred or common shares, even if they are not directors. My children fit that criteria: shareholders who must be disclosed but not directors. I cannot find a section in which to enter their details. Any ideas?
  9. I want to be fair and acknowledge that a support person from UFile did contact me and we talked through the problem. And the issue was mine, not UFile's, as I had created multiple user names under one email account (to handle different sets of family members) and was getting the user IDs all wrong. In other words, user error!
  10. Gaetan & all Users - this is what the Lack of Help Desk at UFile told me this afternoon: "If you want to carry forward your information in UFILE 2015, you need to have .U14 file or you have to enter the information manually in UFILE 2014." Now, since UFile Online does not generate a .U14 file, it seems that UFile is telling us that it no longer carries forward information from a prior year for online users. Time to buy a different product, I guess.
  11. Gaetan - this isn't solving anything since the only way I can create a 2015 file online is to create a new account ! But if the best answer UFile can provide is to enter all the data manually, I might as well switch products
  12. Virtually the same issue - when I log int o my account, it reopens 2014 and doesn't even provide the option to choose 2015. I'm using the Online version since I'm on a Mac so there is no tax file to import, but I can't seem to launch 2015 with the 2014 data carried forward, a rather large pain when in the end I will do 10 returns for family members
  13. I have entered data re a T5013 slip including the amount of foreign tax paid, all of which relates to a foreign capital gain. Its an odd situation with the amount of foreign tax being more than 50% of the gain itself (e.g. gross gain of $100, taxable amount is therefore $50, but foreign tax paid = $55). When I get to the T2209 and the Foreign Income Diagnostic, the amount of foreign tax paid has been reduced and shows say $20. This doesn't impact the federal credit but greatly impacts the provincial claim. I've asked UFile support for help but no reply yet
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