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  1. ob1jac

    Help with T4A (P) form

    Awesome, thank you all so much for your help. Much appreciated.
  2. ob1jac

    Help with T4A (P) form

    Yes it is. Does that mean I should simply be filling out 2 of the different T4A(P) forms (The Survivor benefit one and the retirement benefit one) even though I only have one physical tax slip that has all of the boxes on it? If so, do I just input box 22 (Income Tax deducted) on one of those forms or both forms? Thank you so much YruJ, I can see the light at the end of the tax tunnel!
  3. ob1jac

    Help with T4A (P) form

    It is the Statement of Canada Pension Plan Benefits - T4A (P) It has fields for the following: 20 - Taxable CPP Benefits (I can't find this line on ANY of the T4A(P) forms) 22 - Income Tax Deducted 14 - Retirement Benefit 15 - Survivor Benefit I have found a form that has box 14 and 22 on it....and another form that has box 15 and 22 on it. Problem is, I can't see box 20 anywhere and am unsure about breaking this one slip into multiple T4A(P) forms. Thanks for all your help
  4. I am trying to input a T4A (P) form into ufile but I cannot find the proper form. There are multiple "T4A(P)" forms that I can click on but none of them match the form I am trying to input (each one has some of the fields I need but not all of them). The physical T4A)P) form I have includes boxes 20, 23, 22, 14 and 15 but I cannot find a single T4A(P) form with all of these fields. I have found boxes (lines) that match most of them (all except box 20 which is taxable CPP benefits) in separate forms. Am I supposed to use all of the separate forms in Ufile to input all of the information I have or am I missing something. Also, I cannot find any T4A(P) form with the box 20. Thanks for any help you can give.
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