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  1. I,m I doing something WRONG I posted this last Thurs with no replies.. Because of this stupid error I made by entering a yes or no for the CPT30 inquiry now its asking my for the date I elected to stop or continue I would like to delete both questions completely because it does not relate to me or my situation
  2. Hi Mikerwave I,m having the same problem I have been retired from the work force for 9 years and so have not paid into CCP but I answered one of the questions about CCP by mistake and now it thinks I have a CPT30 form which I don't. I have completed the return with only one error or message about CPT30 now it will not let me delete it and is preventing me from sending my return via netfile. My last resort is to print out the return form and do it manually which is a pain in the back-side. I also sent in this question to the group last week but with no replies or comments
  3. I have made a mistake by choosing an effective election date (there are only 2 choices) and both are incorrect for my situation I am retired and don't pay into a pension but because of this I cannot continue and also my answer was NO for did I make a CPT30 election for the current year both of these can be found under the Controls section of the program. There must be away around mistakes like this but I can't seem to find one can anyone help Thank you
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