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  1. MrInvestor

    T5013 Bug

    I got it to work. I entered one box at a time, clicking save after each box. When the red "X" popped on the form, I then knew which box it didn't like. Then I had to call my investor people as the tax software was detecting an error on the actual T5013. The error was "You entered a gross rental income (box 117), but no rental income (boxes 110 or 107)." Box 107 is "Limited partner's rental income (loss)". When I talked to the people who issued the T5013, since they had some Capital Cost Allowance (CCA), that wiped out any rental income profit down to zero. So I had to place a zero in Box 107 on the tax software and voila! Now I can netfile. Two problems here: 1) The accountant should have put a zero in box 107. For future reference T5013s for real estate partnerships that rent property should have something, anything, in these boxes - if not, contact who issued the T5013 (every T5013 should probably have box 105 & 106 completed): Box 001 - Filer's account # Box 002 - partner code Box 005 - Partner's Share % Box 105 - Limited partner's at-risk amount Box 106 - Limited partner's adjusted at-risk amount Box 107 - Limited partner's rental income (loss) Box 117 - Gross Canadian and foreign rental income NAICS Code 2) I did not hear from Ufile at all. I opened ticket UF397574. I'm pretty disappointed that I paid for a product, followed the process and never got any help. I'm done with paid tax software. I've tried QuickTax and Ufile and both have disappointed me. I might as well use free software if I'm on my own anyhow. Studio Tax is free and has already been around for longer than 10 years. If they work out, then I'll make a donation instead of paying first being disappointed after.
  2. MrInvestor

    T5013 Bug

    The T5013 page is telling me that "Status: At least one mandatory field is still blank". However, it does not tell me which box. All boxes that have a star (*) have been filled out. No box is highlighted yellow or has a stop sign telling me it's the offending one. It feels like this is a software bug. Can you please look into this? I emailed support two days ago and no answer so far.
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