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  1. Hi all, I'm a grad student and as part of my teaching assistantship we go through a paid training seminar at the beginning of the year. The university issued this training income as "fees for services" (Box 048) on a T4A slip. I tried to enter this in UFile, and it said it needed to be reported as business income as well. This is not business income, but I figured I would try and see, so I created a "Self-employment Income" tab, created a "T2125 - Professional Income" form and entered the amount in box 048 there under "fees for services" as well. However, this has created a whole other difficulty with the calculation of CPP contributions/overpayment. I'm now getting this warning message: You have CPP contributions on self-employment and other earnings with CPP contributions on employment income. The result of the CPP contributions payable on self-employment and other earnings of Schedule 8 is negative. You may have an overpayment. In this situation, the CRA does not want an amount on line 448 and wants to calculate it for you. Before filling out this T2125 form, I did have an overpayment for CPP, but UFile doesn't seem to want to report it anymore. It seems that when I create a T2125 form, the program then calculates "CPP contributions on self-employment and other earnings when you have employment income" (Schedule 8, Part 5) and comes up with a negative value, which leads to this problem for some reason. In any case, my refund is cut in half by this, and I don't trust the CRA to make the correction/adjustment for me! This isn't even self-employment income and I'm not sure why UFile is even making me create this whole business income report in the first place. Does anyone have any advice? I'd much appreciate it!
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