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    mcgus reacted to vargan in Problem with Auto-Fill   
    Finding major problems with Ufile's autofill implementation:
    1. As Newbie reported, pension income was lost completely until I manually entered that it was a registered plan;
    2. A T5008 was created as Investment Income, when it should have been Capital Gains.
    Both of these had an impact of thousands of dollars.  Both required more effort to find and fix than was saved, and I am now going to have to check all downloaded data line by line to make sure there are no other errors.  My recommendation:  Don't use autofill!
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    mcgus reacted to hsheng in Problem with Auto-Fill   
    I used auto-fill for my tax report.
    One T5008 form were retrieved from CRA for a transaction I have no memory of; I do not receive the same form by mail either. There's only proceeding amount, no cost amount in this form.
    After checking the auto-filled forms with the paper forms received via mail (all match, except the extra T5008 form), I checked the summary, it showed I owe 10K tax. I removed the T5008 form because I do not receive it on paper by mail, and checked the summary again, my tax owed reduced to 4K.
    I went on to buy the TurboTax for comparison. I had the same T5008 form via auto-fill as well. But in TurboTax, having or not having the T5008 form, my tax owed is about 4K. It seems TurboTax ignores the existence of the T5008 form.
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