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  1. uFile allows most T slips to be split painlessly. I have a T4A slip from our Credit Union for a joint account with my spouse. Do I have to split the slip manually, or am I missing how to have uFile do it for me? Thanks much.
  2. I'm interested in seeing the effect on the bottom line if I temporarily removed 10 (T3, T5, T5008) slips from my return. (I am trying to isolate the effect my Investment Advisor is having on my Income Tax so that I can determine the true after tax rate of return I am getting from the associated investments). Obviously I can physically delete the slips & re-enter them, but I was wondering if anyone has come up with a method to avoid physically deleting & re-entering the slops. Thanks in advance.
  3. I have submitted a Technical Problem for uFile for Windows, and am wondering how long I need to wait for a response as we're getting close to filing time. I use uFile 4, so perhaps I will never get a response? My specific problem is that we have a VRBO rental suite in our house, and have been using uFile for years with no problem. This year my wife's return has 2 sets of T776 pages, and mine has one. My set does not show any of the figures that are entered on my wife's return.
  4. I'm filing T3 foreign income for the first time, and am confused why uFile doesn't treat it the same as a T5 with foreign income. With the T5 you can enter the foreign exchange rate when you enter the slip, but not with the T3. It seems like such an obvious requirement that it makes me think I must be missing something :-( (I will be using the standard US$ annual 2014 exchange rate - 1.10446640) Thanks in advance for your insight.
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