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  1. In my case Antoine7 the screen does not go blank it just does not open Please help
  2. Same Problem here. I purchased over the internet, downloaded from your website directly. Now that I have my families tax returns put into it....... it will not open for the 2nd year in a row Help me please....
  3. Also have Ufile2017 and for the 2nd year in a row -- it Does not open. Is there a FIX please? This is a terrible time for this to happen.
  4. TJW

    UFile 2017 not opening

    same problem here... Ufile 2017 will not open
  5. Can anyone help me? I am looking at a T4E - Employment Insurance -- for over $2500.00 that has a 30 percent repayment marked in box 7. It only has $ 2.00 tax deducted in box 22 ? There is a section at the bottom that I am unfamiliar with. It has a Repayment Chart calculation on the bottom left. Is this something that I am supposed or have calculated on Ufile someplace? It did not show up or prompt me for anything when I was filling out the tax return. Thanks so much for you help
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