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  1. I was wondering if I could ask if anyone had a suggestion on my filing as I may not be being as efficient as I could be. I am resident in B.C. but I work remotely for an employer in the UK. I am no longer registered to pay tax in the UK and am paying tax in Canada. Each year I enter my salary as "Other Income". However from my own total salary I am required to pay for my own computers, office space, and other resources. I have not found the best to way submit these as expenses. Could I please ask if anyone is in a similar position? Thanks
  2. Checking through to the Tax return paperwork and I can see that the "Other Employment Expenses" value is not carried through to the documentation so seems not to have been factored into calculations. This seems like a major issue.
  3. I'm guessing no one has resolved this topic as yet?
  4. I appear to be suffering this same issue I believe I have completed the forms and interview successfully but the value for "229 Other Employment Expenses" does not appear on my results. Any advice?
  5. Good Afternoon I wonder if anyone can offer me any advice as I'm struggling a little with an aspect of completing my taxes this year. I immigrated to Canada a in 2010 from the United Kingdom. I am a landed immigrant and am married to a Canadian citizen. Between 2010 and July 2014 I continued to own a property in the United Kingdom and rented it out to cover mortgage costs until the market price meant it would at least break even at sale. For the tax years 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013 we reported it as owned foreign property and the rental income from it. In July 2014 we managed to sell the property. I believe I can still see how we can report that we owned the property, that we had rental income but I'm not clear how I report that it was sold, the value it sold for. The property was bought as our home in 2006 for £127,000 ($254000 @ 2006 average) and sold in July last year for £110,000 ($198000 @ 2014 average) after 4 years as as rental property. We where paid approximately $10000 from the sale due to the amount of the mortgage we had paid but in real terms were down by around $46,000 through changes in exchange rate and depreciation of the property. Is anyone able to help? Thanks
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