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  1. I created a 2014 tax file and entered 12/312014 as my year-end date. For some reason the file has the year start date as 01/01/2015 instead of 01/01/2014. Not knowing this I have completed the return and now wasn't able to EFILE because of this error. Any one knows how to change the year start date?
  2. During the Efile process, received Error Codes 371 "The tax year end data is earlier than the tax year start date. Called CRA, they found nothing wrong. Suggested to check Ufile support group. Got the answer from Ufile Support Group: It is very possible that you are in the 2015 tax year instead of the 2014 tax year. Please ensure that before logging in, you are logging in under the 2014 tax year. When I double check the file online, it is under Tax Year "2014". However I click the tax return from this file, it is showing "From: 2015-01-01 To: 2014-12-31". Please advise how can I correct the "tax year start date"? Thanks a lot.
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