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  1. I had a very simple home-based sole proprietorship with very little assets and income. Let's say I sold it for $1000, consisting of $700 for assets (laptop) and $200 for goodwill. I know how to treat the asset sale, but how do I report the $200 for goodwill? Thanks!
  2. hello Would like to follow up on this. Now, in 2018, it looks like you can now submit T1-ADJ online (ReFile), instead of printing the form and sending to CRA. Can you file confirm this is indeed true? Thanks
  3. While completing my 2017 taxes, I noticed a few things that I got wrong in my 2016 taxes and I'd like to revise. I noticed in the interview section, there's a "adjustment request for a tax return that has been filed", which generates the "T1-ADJ E" form. I have a few questions regarding this: 1. If I use the "Ufile 4 for Windows 2017" to file my 2016 adjustments along with my 2017 full tax return, is that okay? Or do I need to do this separately somehow ? 2. CRA says if this adjustment is filed by paper, I need to send in receipts. Just to confirm, if I file this using Ufile electronically, nothing else is required, and no need to send receipts? 3. The adjustments to 2016 I'd like to make are as follows: A. Adjustment to the amount for "interest" expense for my rental property B. For rental property , forgot to add new appliances I purchased as additions to CCA (UCC) for that year, so would like to add that. C. For my self-employment (T2125), I classified laptop I purchased as class 12 instead of class 50, so I'd like to modify it to class 50 and change the CCA claim for 2016. Can I do A-C using " T1-ADJ E" in Ufile ? Thanks!
  4. I'm doing taxes for both myself and my wife. For both of us, during the interview, we didn't check the option for "loss of prior year carrbacks". However, Ufile does generate a "T1A" form for my wife. I don't want that, how do I stop Ufile form automatically generating that? Thanks
  5. sorry guys, if you tried the above and it didn't work for you, not sure what to suggest as than contact Ufile directly. It's a major bug as far as I'm concerned and I've advised them to roll an update to fix it asap. "tomli88": I don't think it has anything to do with changing region or language in your computer. I didn't touch that at all and Ufile did acknowledge (indirectly) that it is a bug in the 19.16 version update. Beraa
  6. I got a response from Ufile technical support and it worked for me, obviously a bug in the latest update that needs to be addressed very quickly, but there's a work around, hope it works for you as well: ================= Thank you for contacting UFile technical support. In order to be able to open your tax return, please remove and reinstall UFile 2015. To remove UFile for Windows 2015, follow these instructions: 1. Go to "Start". 2. Go to "Settings". 3. Select "Control Panel". 4. In the "Control Panel", select "Programs and Features". 5. Locate UFile 2015 and click "Remove". To reinstall: http://cdn.drtax.ca/ufile/UF2015EDYT34UF3E4A23H7ZS4/UFile2015-1915exe IMPORTANT! Do NOT update the software to the version 19.16. Start UFile 2015. Click 'Open an existing file'. Locate your data file for 2015 (.u15) and open it. Go to the 'Settings' menu from the top-right corner and choose the option 'Password protect file'. Enter a password. Then you can update v19.16 and reopen the file with your password. NOTE: Keep safe this password. If you forget it, you will not be able to access this file again. ==================
  7. hello I have a complicated tax return and almost done and using Ufile for Windows 2015. Every time I'm asked to update, I update right away. This morning I was asked to update and I did, but when I went to open my tax file, I'm now getting a message asking me to enter my password!!! Here's the message: "This file has been encrypted with a private password to protect the information it contains..." I was never asked to create a password in the first place so I have no idea what it would be. I've been using it for a long time with no issues and never asked to enter a password before this morning software update. Is their a default password or was that just a buggy release/update from Ufile that they are aware of and addressing? Thanks, Beraa
  8. Just received a letter from CRA asking me to support my claim for a deduction of "$4408" on line 232. I went back to my ufile software (2014 U12) and I can clearly see that I entered "$2204" for box 30 of the T4E (EI repayment) and NOT $4408. It looks like for some reason, ufile doubled this amount to get "$4408". I didn't notice this until now, until CRA flagged it. Is this expected? Is this intentional or is this truly a bug? Why does ufile double box30 and then use that for line 232? Thanks
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