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  1. I filed my tax return using UFile/Netfile in 2015 (tax year 2014). I just received a notice of reassessment from CRA stating that they have adjusted my return to include income from CIBC Canadian Bond Fund(T3 Box 26) and I have owed over $400 plus $12.75 interest. I double checked my Ufile return and I confirmed that I DID include this information on Box 26 when I filed my return. However when I downloaded paper copy from Ufile today, i noticed that Ufile shows this on Schedule 3, Item 2 Qualified Farm Property and qualified fishing property. (I am not a fisherman). I suspect that this error also included in the Netfile copy which I submitted. I don't think CRA made its reassesment by moving this value from Fishing income to correct place. So their reassesment now includes fishing income (which is wrongly filed by UFILE) and income from CIBC Canadian Bond Fund(T3 Box 26). It looks like there are other people having exactly same problem with Ufile.
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