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  1. I had finished my taxes. today I decided to do a double-check to make sure it was accurate. When I checked for program updates, the screen went black and the computer stopped working. when I rebooted, the desktop icon no longer worked and I could not open the program from its stored folders.

  2. i am trying to complete a T2 for a year ending jun 30 2017 and ufile says "year end is past the version certificate"

    how can i remedy?

    1. Gaetan



      Hello Nat P

      UFile T2 is available at a cost of $ 134.95 per return. The software will allow you to complete the federal and provincial tax return in the same tax file.


      You will be able to complete a tax return for the taxation years of 2012 to 2017 May 31st.


      The next version coming in September will include your year end.


      Note: the program is only available online.

      You can always create an account for free by clicking the link below:

      In addition, we also recommend that you consult the list of forms available in UFile T2.



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