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  1. No response from support@ufile.ca, not even to say they had received and were reviewing. I'm done. Been using Ufile since 2006, and your behaviour this year is reprehensible. Launching a new version at all right before tax season is reckless. Then you were late in launching, and the level of support you are providing for all the issues you have caused people is very poor. The fact that you encouraged us to pre-pay for this years filing is just the icing on the terrible cake. I now need to take additional time to extract what data I can out of your systems, where I'm already later then I would like to be. All of this creates stress around my family's well-being.
  2. It may be fixed, but as I am experiencing this issue: http://community.ufile.ca/index.php?/topic/6394-an-error-occurred-while-updating-the-entries-see-the-inner-exception-for-details/ I can't really verify. Next contact will be to support@ufile.ca
  3. Soo, should I just give on UFile this year and ask for a refund (I pre-paid)?
  4. This is getting rather time-sensitive, as I was really hoping to spend some free time I have lined up next week to get my taxes finished. Is there an alternative if this isn't going to be fixed?
  5. This error message is being returned when the browser POSTs to https://secure.ufile.ca/T1-2015/api/data?file=abcdefg&app=1&plan=1 This is the body of the POST: {"Start":1,"Path":[{"Type":3,"Parts":[{"Type":0,"Key":0,"Val":"RESULTSSUMMARY"}],"Instance":null}]} Reading a little bit on the "Sequence contains no matching element" message, it appears to commonly come from .net methods that pull data out of an array, and is thrown when the array is empty. I don't see any empty arrays in what is being submitted here, so I assume it is some data on backend. I'll look at what is being saved when I change values in the interview and see if anything jumps out at me.
  6. This has been happening since the new Online came out and I entered my first bit of information. I figured it might go away as I filled in more, but alas, it has not. This is a real pain, please fix ASAP.
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