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  1. In UFile 2018, when I download my prior year information from the CRA, under RRSP - Year History, the taxation year indicated is 2019. This causes an error in UFIle: "The value for this field is greater than the required maximum", which is indicated as 2017.
  2. If in the interview, on the Canadian charitable donations page, I say that I am NOT eligible for the first-time donor super credit (first checkbox), then UFile goes ahead and claims it on schedule 9 anyway?
  3. With today's update, the Netfile error is no longer reported when I request no claim for donations. I don't know whether Schedule 9 is properly filled out because line 340 is still empty. But at least I can now Netfile.
  4. I have donations that I do not want to claim, but rather carry forward. When I create a new page "optimization of donations", there is no option to "carry forward to use next year" as suggested in the comments on that page. When I select "do not claim the donations", I get an electronic filing error saying "you have entered an amount for donations made to the United Nations, its agencies, and certain registered foreign charitable organizations on line 334 of schedule 9 and no amount is claimed on line 340 of schedule 9. The amount claimed at line 340 of Schedule 9 cannot be less than the lesser of the following 2 amounts: a) The total of lines 329, 333 and 334, and b) 75% of the net income." Sure enough, Ufile does not populate line 340 as the error indicates. (It does not use the value from line 5 which is the total eligible amount of charitable donations"). I can't get past this error. If I let MaxBack decide how to distribute your family's charitable donations, it claims all of my donations, which I do not want. It does not take into consideration the fact that I have sufficient foreign tax credits for foreign earned income to alleviate the need for the donations claim. That is why I need to carry all of the donations forward.
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