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  1. As about as helpful as tits on a boarhog ... useless. less than useless as your help desk provides links that do not have anything to do with the issue ... Try a little harder.
  2. I am having issues trying to file using NETFILE! I had several errors that I have I been able to correct using this forum but, now, when trying to re-submit, I get a message that payment is not required -- I paid earlier prior to things going south -- and when I hit the back button on the webpage, not the browser back button, I am returned to step 2 and I am not able to access either steps 4 or 5. It has now been 7 hours and no response from UFile. Ideas?! Thanks,
  3. Good Afternoon, I am having issues trying to file my taxes using NETFile. I had errors very similar to other in this forum and I was able to resolve them. However, after correcting the errors I tried to go to step 4 and received the Buy It button but, when I selected the button, a webpage came up saying that payment was not required. I then hit the back button and it put me back at step 2, the Interview page! I am not able to proceed to steps 4 or 5 and I have no information on how to proceed next. Ideas? Thanks, Robert
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