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  1. I found it on other employement expenses. Thank you.
  2. Hello, Where should I enter the Legal Fees used in a process to recovery salary due to a broken contract by the employer ? I found the Other Deduction Tab line 23200 but it says ''legal fees incurred not related to recovery of salaries or wages''. UFile help section says I need enter those values at line 22900 but I have no idea where is it. Thank you.
  3. Thank you Antoine. It worked, but the numbers in line 330 and 36 are very high and dont match with the numbers I wrote. Is this normal ?
  4. Just to anyone who has the same error, I close the browser 3 times and relogin. 3 entries were created under the T4 tab and I deleted 2 of them. One disapear. Then I was able to reentry the data. I am having some hard bugs with Ufile Online. After delete an entry under Medical Expenses, the Review page just give an error. I reentry the item and delete again and now everthing is working again. Never had those things in years before.
  5. Hello, The company I work for gave me the T4, RL1 and a letter. The letter has the title Medical Expenses for 2018. It gives me 2 amounts to enter: Federal in the Schedule 1 line 330 QC in Schedule B, section C line 36. The values are not equal. I have no idea where to enter those numbers. I tried to find someway to enter those values manually, but no success. Anyone can help me ? Thanks.
  6. Hello, I entered all data in the tab ''T4 and Employement Income''. Everthing seems right, but my data entered does not appear under the tab. The values are still there, the Review shows the numbers. But I cannot edit or see the data under the T4 tab. Anyone to help ? Thanks.
  7. WPinto


    Hi, I was filling the T4 with QPP and I got stuck with a question: the box at UFile online interview (PPIP insurable earnings RL-1 Box I) shows the indication box 56 for T4 and box I for RL-1. But they do not have the same information. The box 56 in my T4 is blank and the box I from RL1 has a value (the same value for box 14). Is this normal or there is an error at my T4 missing the value ? Thank you.
  8. WPinto

    Child tax return

    After finished my tax return, UFile online gives a message that my kids do not need to fill the federal return. Is this mean that they need to fill the Quebec return ? I looked for more information and i saw that my children have a Quebec return filled by UFile. But they do not have any revenue at all, only some medical expenses and transport expenses (they have 14 and 7 years old). Do I need file a Quebec return for them ? Thank you.
  9. Thank you Bretonix. Yes, both T4 shows QC in Box 10. And yes, the sum of B14 from both T4 plus Box J is equal to Box A. Thank you again,
  10. Good evening, I am having some problems with that. The company was selled to another company, they changed the company name. Now they gave to me two T4 slips, one with the old company name and another with the new company name. But they gave to me only one RL-1 slip with the new company name. Since I do not know if I can add up the two T4 to report (because they are different company - or not ?) how should I report my earnings ? Thank you !
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