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  1. Years ago UFile online created CNIL for me as well for some expense I had claimed. The numbers change from year to year and really have no idea what these numbers mean and what to do with them. I've been told by 2 UFile agents to just leave it and it's only for our records. I really wish I had a better understanding of it.
  2. @Antoine7 I selected "Do not claim the donations" in my interview but I see in my spouse's tax return that Box 393 has the amount I donated ($130) and Box 395 has $26. He did not make any donations. In my schedule it does indicate Donations carried forward to future years - self $130 In his schedule it is calculating the donations I made. Is there another step I am missing or is this the way it is supposed to be?
  3. I called the CRA and was instructed to enter in Other Employment Income Line 104. Hope this helps others. Thank you!
  4. For anyone who may have the same inquiry, you have to contact your employer's HR and they will be able to tell you which option to select.
  5. Worked like a charm! Thank you @Antoine7
  6. I donated $130 in 2018 and will continue in 2019. In UFile online, can I carry forward 2018 donations to use with in 2019 when I have a bigger income? If yes, where do I do this? Thank you
  7. Hello, My husband received a T4A with no RL from his employer. He works in Quebec. I am hoping someone else has received something similar that can shed some light as to what options I should select in the drop down menu in the T4A section of UFile. I am entering amount from T4A in box 016 in T4A - Pension, retirement, annuity and other income section but where do I find out the info about what I should select in the drop down menu? There is nothing indicated on the T4A but employer who issued it, SIN, employee name and amount in Box 016. Thank you.
  8. Hello, My husband picked up a part time job last year as a cleaner and was paid by check with no deductions, no T4. Where do I enter this information in UFile online? Thank you.
  9. Thank you Cristina for the response. Does changing who the Family head is have any impact on the way our tax deductions are applied?
  10. Since 2012, in Ufile online, I have always been the Family head with a spouse and dependant. My husband just started school in a post-secondary institution so next year he will be eligible to file for free but he must be designated as the Family Head. How would I go about to change this without messing up any information that are transferred from year to year?
  11. mammasan


    Thank you for the guidance as these forms are new to me. These are taken off the T4RSP and RL-2 issued to me. Annuity payments from RRSP (RL-2 box B) Box 16 empty Box B $0.00 On this line, it will not allow me to click on the Quebec flag to enter the $0.00 without putting something in Box 16 first. Since Box 16 on the T4RSP is empty, do I leave this section blank or enter $0.00 to be able to click on the Quebec section? LLP withdrawal - you are the student (RL-2 box L) LLP withdrawal - the spouse is the student (RL-2 box L) Box 25 $0.00 Box L $0.00 Neither spouse or I are students, do I enter? Box 28 says Other income or deductions $0.00 Box K says Revenus gagnes apres le deces $0.00 Which section do I fill out?
  12. Antoine7, I select Exempt CPP/QPP (rare!) even though there is no X in the box on the T4? Edit: When I selected Exempt CPP/QPP (rare!), I still got the same warning.
  13. After pondering, I think that I should only select this section to appear only when I need to start paying back towards the RRSPs used for the HBP. I hope someone can confirm this for me. Thank you!
  14. Purchased first home with spouse in January 2017. Withdrew in January 2017 from my RRSPs towards HBP. Spouse does not have any RRSPs. Was issued T4RSP and RL-2. How do I fill out this section if I don't have a HBP statement from CRA?
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