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  1. DannyBoy

    CPP Overpayment

    Having similar problems with CPP information. I do not pay CPP anymore for several years given my age and having filed a CPT30 form. UFile program reports an error saying I had employment income and should have paid CPP. Does not matter how I enter appropriate information; it keeps coming back as an error and I can not file electronically. Can't seem to talk to any support at UFile. Very frustrating program this year.
  2. oops that is UFile 2015. Having another problem with CPT30 and exemption from paying CPP. Get an error on that as well and there is no way to fix the error. After all of these years I am not liking this year's UFile program. No one to talk to.
  3. I pay rent but do not pay property taxes (included in landlord's rent I guess). When I input my rent information and save, UFILE 2016 has an error that says I didn't show the advance credit that I recieved from the province, which was nil. Hence I get an error message telling me to enter zero but there is no access to where this value can be added. Very frustrating because I can not net file. Any suggestions.
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