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  1. Thank you, I found out what the reason was for the error: the T5 is for a joint account, when we filed, we specified 50% ownership and assumed, wrongly as it turned out, that the remaining 50% would be automatically charged to spouse. That does not happen and, in a way it is correct not to assume automatically that the remainder goes to the spouse. Although the T5 indicates the name(s) of owner(s) who earn taxable income, it does not specify the percentage and it may involve, theoretically, not only the spouse that files in common with the principal but also other tax payers that file separately and independently. Upon reflection, UFile's solution of making no assumptions but letting every stake holder enter their T5 including their percentage of ownership is the correct one. My suggestion to the team, in order to avoid situations like this and seeing that CRA is checking, to flag this type of situation with a warning. The extended message should say that other people, the names can be copied from the the T5, must enter the T5 and report income according to their share. This should be a simple enough code change with test cases are also simple enough to design and run. I am grateful for your time and support, M.U.
  2. Hello, I did everything by the book, verified and re-verified, checked and re-checked ... all was cool until yesterday when CRA sent me a reassessment notice to do with a T5 form We changed your total federal non-refundable tax credits to $xxx and your total Ontario non-refundable tax credits to $xxx. As a result of this reassessment, we changed your federal dividend tax credit to $xxx and your Ontario dividend tax credit to $xxx We charged you arrears interest of $7.99 on the balance you owe. We calculated this interest to the date of this notice. So now I am to pay about $290 ... should UFile not have done this properly for me? Did any of you guys experienced anything like this? What did you do? Did UFile support help at all? How did it end? Much obliged for any input you may care to share, best, as ever, M.U.
  3. Hullo Ram, likely you have more than one copy of UFile running simultaneously ... try to see all tasks running (you can use task manager to do so). Shut down all but one of the active UFile copies and try to save again. Good luck!
  4. Does any of you wise and gentle people know how to apply for the federal credit that will compensate Ontario tax payers for the stupidity and shortsightedness of the Ford government that refused to participate in "carbon pricing" to save the environment? Is there a way or method to do this with UFile for 2018 already? Thank you!
  5. Hello, 

    After my assessment, CRA calculated additional $$ of net capital loss for 2017. How can I change my UFile return to include the amount that CRA determined I can use this year? (Change line 253 - in UFile I cannot add this amount for 2017).

    Thank you very much for your ASAP reply.


  6. MikiU


    Hello, if i have no employment income anymore, being retired, but unused rrsp space, can i deduct it or not? MU
  7. MikiU


    (1) You cannot have another instance of your browser open ... UFile pops you a message saying that, so close all your browser sessions BEFORE activating autofill. (2) to autofill successfully you MUST have registered with CRA and have an active account/current password. If you have a spouse (or common law) and file together, both must have CRA registration and the person auto-filling must be the person active in the UFile pairing. (3) if you have T5008s the autofill will fuck you up and you will owe thousands, as UFile adds them to your taxable income ... so just delete them. Otherwise this shit works perfectly ... not as well as certain Panamanian law firms can make it work, but well enough for the 99%
  8. MikiU

    Auto-Fill Issues

    I am, currently, and for the last seven minutes stuck on the "This may take several minutes ... Please wait" screen .. wondering several hundreds, thousands or what? Will my "session be redirected shortly ever? And I DO have an active CRA account validated and in good standing. Will let y'all know how it went. M.
  9. Hello gentle and knowledgeable folks, So ... I get this notice of reassessment from CRA saying that they changed the "federal amount transferred from spouse or common law partner" which, of course, changes line 350 (total federal non refundable tax credits) and this results in I owing money (not that much, but we are talking principle here) ... Went back to my 2014 return and applied all the latest updates, then run tax again and could clearly see again that for 350 I did "let MaxBack decide" ... so? Questions to yous: has anyone experienced this? what did you do about it? should UFile pick up the bill? what do you think I should do? Much obliged for your thoughts, M.
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