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  1. Hello Denk, Thank you for your answer. Ufile customer service could not figure out what was going on so, they made me create another account and everything is now running again smoothly. The only thing is that I had to start my taxes from scratches as I could not carried forward my info from 2014 in my new account. Otherwise, I'm please with the program.
  2. Hello, Yes. By CRA rules, you can't deduct more than the line A on your Notice of Assessment so anyway, the software won't let you deduct more than 14 417 and the rest will be carried forward for next year. Overcontribution are not deductible for the current year but may be for subsequent year. For that, your contribution must be less than the maximum allowed. However, there is penalties to pay for overcontribution and, as I'm not a specialist in that matter, I can't give you some advices about what is best for your situation. Good luck, Julie
  3. Hello P Tsang, I have the Spouse and the Dependant square on the top left on the Interview page but there is no way that I can load and see the Family Head. The error always come back. I have emailed ufile customer service for help and they told me to update my browser and use Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome. As you can see, this is not helping so, if you or someone else could come with something to make this program work, that would be very appreciated.
  4. Hi, I'm going to try to help you the best I can. The way I understand your problem is that, you have made an overcontribution to you RRSP. When you do you income tax, the software will take your contribution of 15K and your undeducted contribution of $ 4809 for a total of $19 809 of contribution for this year. That's the B and A number putted together on your Notice of Assessment. That's how it works. You can do one lifetime contribution of 2000$ over your deduction limit without penalties but usually, that 2000$ is used more as a protection from inadvertent overcontributions. In your situation, you are more than 5K over your deduction limit of 14 417 so, that's why you have that error. I wish you the best. Julie
  5. When I try to launch ufile 2015, I get the error message Object reference not set to an instance of an object. What does that mean? Also, the program doesn't load. I have tried it on two different computers with two different browser (safari and firefox) and I get the same error message. All is up to date on my computer on my side. I've been using ufile for over 10 years and since 2013 online and everything was running smoothly until this year. So, why am I not able to load that program? Thank you for the help.
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