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  1. Hello. Ufile will not let me netfile my return. I'm getting an error that since I divorced in 2015, I must fill out my ex-spouse information. I press 'click here to fix' and all I get is a blank screen and nowhere do I see any place where I can enter this information. I've googled the problem and it tells me to ensure that I have change in marital status entered and 'separated to divorced' is chosen. Anyone else having this problem, or anyone have a solution to it? Thanks in advance. Christian.
  2. Ufile is telling me that since I divorced last year, I cannot net-file until I enter my ex-spouse information. I have told the program that there was a change, separated and now divorced. When I press 'click here to fix' a blank screen pops up and nowhere do I see any place to enter ex-spouse information. I have googled the problem and followed all advice, but to no avail. Anyone have a solution to this? Thanks in advance. Chris.
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