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  1. the tax program will not support my lappy using vista????? So I tried to send it to CRC once a month ago then got busy and said forget it then I tried last night again, same problem, tax filing rejected, so today I tried and still rejected, I was like hmmm... lets check so I did... I finally found the answer here ... that they don't support vista... WTF!!!!!! like they could not have told me in the message???? the program could not have said hey you are using vista... instead of blaming the government... cause it is their fault all the time... Instead of maning up, and telling me directly on the program hey you cannot net using this OS get a new one. Or saying hey we have a problem here is the work around. you would have left me hanging for however long i was willing to wait until I got desperate and printed my returns or went online to find this answer????? this is not right. This is not customer service this is the opposite. Far as i am concerned this program just lost me as a customer. I will try the competition, I cannot imagine them to be as horrible as you guys have been
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