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  1. I have received a T5018 form from one of my employers. In the help it says to add the form in Self-employment in the Interview and select Business Income. I did as such but there is no T5018 opition. I entered the information as a business income (form T2125). Is this correct?
  2. I have looked around UFile the best I can and cannot find the motor vehicle expenses. I checked other posts but the ones I have found turned out to be inconclusive. I am a trades person who travels for work. I found the tools expense but not the vehicle expense.
  3. Never mind. I found it. You have to pick "Tax return counter" after selecting settings.
  4. I have always used UFile online however this year I thought I would download the software instead. I received my activation key by email so I have it. In the software when I pick the option to register and active it, it will let insert all my information as required but I cannot enter the activation key in the appropriate fields. It's like they are disabled. Anyone know why or what to do?
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