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  1. Do parents get both of these The Child Tax Credit and the Canda Child Tax Credit and I read that they need to apply for the Canada Child Tax or do theyautomatically get it when they file their tax return?
  2. Barb

    Canada Child Tax

    Afer you complete a return with children in it and you check the tax return there are 2 sections child tax and Canada child tax each have their own calculations that the person would receive monthly. Which one is right or do they get both. Do not understand what this is. Is there an application form that has to be filled out or is this actually done when you prepare the tax return.
  3. I bought Ufile for windows and used all of the 20 returns and now I need more returns. Can I purchase the Ufile Pro and will it download onto my computer even thought I have ufile for windows on it.?
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