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  1. My spouse and I have chosen to file separate returns, both using netfile, so we've both chosen "net income only" / basic spouse information in the interview. There's a required textbox that asks for "Net federal income of your spouse (line 236)". This textbox is really pissing me off. I dont know her exact net income so I go into her ufile account and click on "tax return" to see what it is. But it won't show me her tax return because of Incomplete Identification. Why? She has not entered my net federal income (line 236) either. So I go into my ufile account and click on tax return to see what my net income is, and I also get the Incomplete Identification error for the exact same reason. Do you see the problem here? We need to know the net federal income before we can enter the net federal income !! Someone please tell me what I'm doing wrong. I swear we were able to see the tax returns last year, something in the software might have gotten worse? Thanks!
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