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  1. I prepared a return for a person who is filing for the first time (a new immigrant). When I went to netfile, it got rejected saying it is not the first time filing for her. I called CRA and confirmed that she has not filed previously. My question is can I tick the box to say it is not her first time filing just to get the netfile through? If I dd that would it cause a problem with CRA? I asked CRA about it and they couldn't give me an answer and told me to call ufile. So I thought I'd try this community.
  2. I had originally ticked the box to say that the person had no income in 2015. The person later gave me a T4A slip he had received. In order to be able to finalize the return, Ufile prompts me to untick that box as I have now added a T4A slip. I tried to untick the no income box, but couldn't as in the set up page that statement has disappeared all together. How can I get that statement to reappear so that I can untick the box?
  3. If I delete a dependent from a family's ufile file and start to have him report on his own, can I carry forward his prior tax information to his new file? I was thinking in terms of tuition credit and unclaimed charitable donations.
  4. Is there a way for me to enter tuition credit transfer from my child (line 324) if he prepares his own return and doesn't show up as a dependent on my ufile file?
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