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  1. Hi Cristina, Ufile is not creating a Schedule 1 for me. On my dependants return I select the dependants infirmity and disability and fill out all the required info on that page including selecting 'Yes' that he is entitled to the Canada caregiver amount. On the next page is the care giver amount and I as the family head select 'full amount' The following page is the provincial one for the same (Ontario) Line 5819. Lines 304 or 305 or 307 are not being populated . I understand I can't claim all of them. Like you said either line 307 OR 304+305 but I cannot get the program to do anything but get my dependants unused disability credit entered on line 316 and transfered to me on line 318 for amount $8113. I used Ufile for years except last year and never ran into such a issue before. I always got the caregiver amount and his unused credit. I see know where to do what you suggest : 'then please go to the page Controls of your dependant and select "No" as an answer for the question "Claim this dependant as the eligible dependant on federal Schedule 1 line 305". I did change the answer to 'NO' on the infirmity/disability page and recalculate but that makes no difference either. I have never been this stumped doing taxes with Ufile in 12 years until now ! Any further advice would be appreciated.
  2. Hi, " A new version v21.20 will be released the next few hours, clarifying among other things, the caregiver amounts and lines." This line was posted by moderator Antoine7 yesterday. As of right now it's still not on the Ufile server to update our program. It seems lines 303 and 304 are also not populating for the caregiver amount. Here is this post http://community.ufile.ca/topic/7582-how-to-enter-amount-for-lin3-303-or-304/ Any update to when the fix will be available would be appriciated and a changelog reported on what was fixed.
  3. Antoine7 when is the update coming? you said a few hours... It's been 16 now.
  4. I am having the same issue with line 307. I to have a dependant that claims line 316 ( disability amount self) . That is then transfered to my return as line 318. No issues so far. My dependants infirmity page is fully filled out and 'yes' is selected as eligible for the canada caregiver amount. Like you this page does nothing, it is not working and line 307 in the amount of $6883 is not there in my return as the family head ! For fun I used a free online tax software that is very popular. No issues and line 307 populated the proper amounts to my return as the caregiver. It looks like ufile has a software issue that others don't. I will be looking to get a refund from them as I have spent many hours trying to get there program to work right. If someone has a fix please post it. I did see in another post a moderator posted some work around but that did not work either. Ufile please look at this ongoing issue with line 307.
  5. I retired January 1 2016. I received a large retirement incentive that was paid out Feb 1 in a RRSP transfer that I chose over cash and pay tax now. I received a 60j RRSP transfer receipt from my investment company stating first 60 days. ( this is a transfer not a contribution) I will also get additional retirement RRSP contribution allowance room as a retirement allowance next year in box 66 on my 2016 T4 slip. Again this T4 slip will not be issued by my last employer until next year. UFILE cannot calculate my first 60 days 60j transfer. There is no where to enter this in the program. It seems anyone with a retirement allowance and retires in the first 60 days is at a loss. I read this issue has been going on with UFILE for at least 2 years and no fix yet !! Studio tax works fine and creates the proper schedule 7 entry. CRA needs to see line 245 in schedule 7 to show the transfer. When is a UFILE fix coming to fix this large oversight at least 2 years in the making ? Very frustrated and at a complete loss !
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