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  1. That's not right, when the contribution is made in first 60 (the over amount), you have the option to decide when to use. By setting the limit, it causes the Undeducted contributions to be set and you shouldn't be taxed the 1%. You have the formula wrong. Having a response with the primer isn't adequate. Please fix.
  2. I hear you. I'm never been peeved enough to post, but this is ridiculous how many bugs there are.
  3. http://www.ufile.ca/tips-and-tools/ufile-blog/ufile-blog/2016/02/08/rrsp-primer---part-1 The carryover function doesn't see to work. In the first 60 days, you should be able to specify that you are using only a certain amount and if it was in the first 60 days, it should not count as over contribution. For example, using fictional numbers, the rrsp limit is 10000. If I contribute 9000 last year, and then 5000 in the first 60 day, you shuld be able to specify only to use 10000 for the year. T he error saying that there is more than 2000 over contribution appears. That isn't correct. You could do this in previous years. Is that correct?
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