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  1. My 17-years old son was working as a tutor in his high school, and the school issued him T4A with his income in box 048. UFile tells me that the same amount ("fees for services") should be included in a T2125, but I don't have such form. And my son doesn't have any business under his name. What should I do? My son is still listed as our dependent, and the whole income was $120. Maybe I can just ignore it, or do I need to report it?
  2. I'm filing tax returns for my senior parents. They live in low-income housing (HLM) and RL-13 form was not issued (it's always been like that). Low-income housing is not eligible for Solidarity Tax Credit but according to Revenue Quebec they still should be able to claim QST portion. In QST component I answered No to the question “Throughout the year 2015, did you live in a dwelling, either alone or only with one or more people under 18?” - because both my parents live there. What should I answer in the Dwelling component section for "You or your spouse were tenant or owner"? If I answer "Tenant" then UFile requires to enter RL-13 form, and my parents don't have it. Should I answer "Neither tenant nor owner" even if they are tenants? Please help!
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