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  1. Seems to be a bug with the Auto-fill support. If I start over, and don't choose auto-fill, the error doesn't occur.
  2. Hi guys I'm seeing a bug in your software. I'm getting the error "A required field was left blank" with a link to the RRSP deduction limit field, but I have not left the field blank. I used the new CRA Auto-fill feature. If I start over and don't use Auto-fill, the problem doesn't occur. So basically you can't use Auto-fill. Too bad.
  3. I just ran into this same issue. I used the new Auto-fill CRA feature, and now UFile says there's a error - A required field was left blank - but the field it's complaining about, the RRSP deduction limit, is not blank. It was auto-filled in, and even if I type in the amount manually the error persists.
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