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  1. I just finished a return with a Schedule 9 and it seems to be ok. I'm also using the Windows version. Did Line 6 amount of 11,147.63 get shown on Line 10 as well?
  2. In the left menu you should have an item for Interest, Investment Income and carry charges. Click on that to open additional selections. Scroll to Expenses. Add the item for Carrying Charges. You can enter the amount under Management Fees
  3. In the left menu click on Interview Setup In the main panel scroll to the last topic = Other Topics Select Other Deductions and Credits (including public transit passes...) You should now be able to see Other Deductions and Credits in the main left menu to add your line for transit passes..
  4. In the left menu, go back up one step to Ontario tax and credits. When the main panel opens up you should be able to see an item for Declaration for Owner, Tenant, etc. Select the appropriate one and you will be able to enter your home details there including taxes/rent you paid.
  5. I am a long time Ufile user and I should admit that my confidence in Ufile has diminished with this 2015 edition due to a number of errors I've encountered with Auto-fill. Never needed help with past editions. I recognize that this is a community support forum but you would think that the Ufile help desk would also be monitoring this forum to see what users are saying on technical issues and to jump in asap to say that they will look into it or are aware of it, and offer temporary solutions. Instead not a word from the Ufile team. That's not very good for a Tax application. Thanks to the folks who offered the workaround.
  6. Another user posted the following in the other thread on this error: "Was able to work-around this by restarting UFile and continuing the return. The error went away after that." You can give it a try and let us know the result. I haven't had time to try it myself as yet.
  7. Got the same error on two different returns yesterday and another today. 1) In both cases I used Carryover from 2014 to start 2015 for each individual 2) I used the CRA Auto-fill feature 3) Error is on the RRSP Contributions page 4) The Deduction Limit per 2014 assessment (A) amount was auto-filled from the CRA download 5) The amount can be deleted or changed but the error will not go away 6) An amount was carried over from my 2014 to 2015 before the auto-fill was downloaded 7) In both cases the amount carried forwarded from my Ufile 2014 differed from the downloaded amount from CRA by a small amount due to rounding over a number of years. 8) Error does not appear if I deselect (not download) that one specific RRSP item from CRA and then manually adjust my amount to match what CRA shows as Deduction Limit (A). Hope this helps in finding a solution. Forgot to say using Ufile for Windows.
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