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  1. Cat

    Netfiling T1135 - problem

    Thank you so much, TheCatInTheHat! I checked the online assessment record and found the confirmation, just as you said. And I took a closer look at the paper assessment form rec'd in the mail and it also has the same confirmation. Whew! Interestingly, my self-addressed envelope sent in with the paper copy over a month ago has not been returned. I did clearly indicate with the letter that an electronic submission might have been received so the paper would be a duplicate, but one might think someone would have acknowledged.... Guess they really want electronic submission... Thanks again!
  2. Cat

    Netfiling T1135 - problem

    Just in case anyone has had the same problem - CRA advises that they can not confirm whether or not an electronic T1135 form has been received - not the same department as handles the general tax returns. Suggestion is to paper file the form and send a self-addressed stamped envelope, requesting acknowledgment of receipt. Poor system when everything else is electronic.
  3. Successfully netfiled Federal Return - got confirmation number page. Proceeded with steps to netfile T1135 - checking box to agree to terms/conditions and then hit the file bar. Supposed to get confirmation number but screen appeared to change back to submission screen with terms box unchecked. Tried again and same thing happened. This time scrolled down (bottom of page was hidden) and saw "Rejected - Our records indicate that you have already filed your form..." So now unsure whether form was filed or whether there is a glitch in the program. Any thoughts?
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