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  1. Greetings I have to write here because after MORE THAN A WEEK technical support, named John, has not been capable of read my e-mails, and I'm really frustrated because we are at 5 days before dead line, Ive already payed the online declaration to UFILE and for the moment, the technical support and customer support HAVE BEEN TERRIBLE I can't Netfile my Quebec return. This is the message I receive: You cannot currently NetFile your Quebec return. Please review the following reasons, and make corrections when possible. If an (*) appears at the end of an explanation below, it denotesa NETFILE exclusion (i.e. your return cannot be transmitted). Line 445 of the Quebec TP1 requires a value that corresponds to line 107 or to line 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, or 40 of Schedule L. I haven't filled nor received an Schedule L. I havn't had an income from self employment. This error continues after erasing and re filling my T4's received. For more than a week, I have been in touch with a Tech service, John, that only gave randome copy-paste answers. with more than 10 mail communications, this tech support can't follow the conversation, ask the same question again and again and again. Do not give answers, do not follow previous e-mails, but open new ones and start over asking for a file as if I made the tax declaration with windows. I explained several times that my tax declaraion was made online. IT doesnt matter, the tech support will ask again for the same file no matter how many times I told him that my declaration was made with Ufile.ca Im very frustrated with this situation. Do anyone have the same problem? Anyone from tech support can finally see whats wrong?
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