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  1. Hi, I can't do that because my T4 doesn't show that I am CPP exempt. I called my work and they said they got a notice from the CRA that they can't put exempt for anyone, even though they have in years past. It shows an amount in Box 28. When I put in the 0.1 cent in box 16 it works, but I don't want to raise any red flags with CRA. Who do I send the file to for Ufile to review as to why I'm getting this warning? Thanks.
  2. As per above question about the warning and not being able to Netfile my income tax, I just clarified with CRA that I do not have to pay CPP as my income was too low. I did put an amount in Box 26, but Ufile says I reported employment income without reporting any pensionable earnings. The CRA says that the T4 slip is correct and it is a glich with Ufile software. Please advise how I can fix this.
  3. I am getting the same error message today. I put in employment income, box 14, left box 16 blank as per my T4 and put 0.00 in EI insurable warnings and an amount in Box 26 CPP pensionable earnings. It says I can't file because I didn't specify any pensionable earnings but I did (there was just no amount in box 16, only box 26. I am on disability and employment income is for benefits. Help!
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