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    Update your Software

    Should have mentioned that this was a Retail Box Purchase in CD form. Not direct Download Purchase. Sorry
  2. I was having difficulty with the Tuition Transfer line. The Ufile software clearly stated the Maximum amount my child could transfer to a parent, ($6922) but when you enter that EXACT amount in the window you get a warning that it exceeds the Maximum for Ontario Tuition transferable. It would then prevent you from filing said child's taxes online. I did notice that when I installed the software it never checked for an update. I selected Settings and Update. There was an update available to me so I downloaded and installed it. That fixed the bug with the software and now my child was able to transfer the Maximum Provincial Tuition amount to a parent. The built in check that looks for problem entries in the window was a value from 2015 ($6820) and not 2016 ($6922). Once you update the software the problem fixes itself.
  3. Cliff, There are two locations where you can find the amounts transferable from child to parent. The first one is Federal and the Second is Provincial and they are separated by a few pages. If you have the child complete Schedule 11 then once his file is complete, go to the Tax Form tab (just to the left of Netfile tab). On the left there are lists of pages you can access. There should be two that have "Tuition" in the caption, one Federal and on Provincial. Selecting each should bring you to the form with the line indicating the transferable amount. The Federal line is 324 (or similar) and the Provincial is 5294 (or similar). All this is assuming your child is in Ontario as you quote the Provincial limit $6184. Sorry for the vague description but I do not have the software right in front of me. PS. You may not have values in both. My son had just the Federal while my daughter had both. This is due to their income
  4. Is the $7800 showing on schedule 11? Or is that showing on your file? Did you set the command to transfer the credits to a parent?
  5. If your son is not listed as a dependant in your household but filing as an independent adult, the situation is different. Under one household the transfer should be automatic. If he is independent, he will fill out schedule 11 and will produce a number that you will enter manual on your file. Or perhaps you did not ask for unclaimed credit to be directed to parent but asked for it to be forwarded to his file for future use?
  6. I am processing my adult children's Taxes. They each have unused Tuition Credits, Federal and Provincial. Question 1) Can I claim both the Federal and Provincial amounts on my claim? Question 2) Since I have two children my claim exceeds the Federal limit. The Software will not allow me to exceed the $5000 cap on my claim. I was under the impression this was $5000 per student, not tax claim. How can I override this?
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