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  1. Thank you for your reply. I am using the PC version under WIN 10. I am placing the amount in the correct field
  2. prestonsmith

    Schedule 12

    We have an approved T2201 (approved in 2016) for 2012 onward. I am trying to claim $6200 for a schedule 12 item (electric stairs) and the program is refusing to process because of a claim that one field is left blank. I have all fields completed. The field in question is the third and it is answered via a drop down menu. I can not create the review since their is a non complete flag on the submission Help please. Preston
  3. Hi, I had submitted the returns for my spouse and myself. CRA sent us notices of assessment. Since our submission we have received a T3 slip and a medical receipt both of which should be added to to my spouse's return. I printed Combined Tax Return Summaries for each of us both before and after adding these items to my spouse's return. When I compare the before and after summaries I see that the after report shows UFILE has moved some line number entries from me to my spouse and vice versa. Do these changes mean that I have to file an adjustment request for each of us? Thanks, Preston
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