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  1. I am being blocked from filing my tax return online to Quebec because of this error: "You entered child care expenses without including the valid SIN or identification number of the person who received the payments." This message must be in reference to the fact that I didn't enter an ID number for two of the day camps I sent my kids to. They are not garderies and have no CPE number in Quebec. Also, they didn't list their SIN on their invoice. Now I am stuck and don't know how to unblock this. Ufile just has the "childcare" tab and we are supposed to put day camps in there. I feel that there should be a separate tab for day camps to avoid this. Any suggestions?
  2. I forgot to include some information in my tax return (day camp fees). I cannot figure out how to send in an amended tax return in ufile.ca. Do I have to send it via the CRA website directly?
  3. The PDF of my tax return shows $1000+ in the row Child support payment. But I don't make child support payments, am not divorced, and didn't enter any data in the child support page in Ufile. In fact, the page wasn't visible until I checked the box to investigate. Is this a software bug?
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