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  1. islandgirl

    I cant fix errors

    UGH. Same problem here. I just posted about it above! TECH SUPPORT PLEASE TELL US WHAT TO DO!
  2. ALSO: The "identification" page of our returns auto-filled (correctly) from last year's return, yet the UFILE system insists we have left our "identification" page blank (it is not!). Short of going back and re-entering all the informations, what can I do?
  3. Hi, Just finished inputting my and my spouse's 2015 tax info. "Tax calculation failed" for both of us. Tells us to check "messages". Okay, checked messages. Two kinds of errors: "A Required Field was Left Blank" and "Both fields must be filled". When I "Click here to fix", instead of taking me to any actual error, I am just redirected to either the "Self Employment Income" header page or the "T4 and Employment Income" header page (where you click the plus signs to add items if you needed them). Problem is, we've already added all the necessary Self Employment and Employment income items, filled them out in their entirety, and there are NO ERROR signs, or empty *required* fields anywhere. We can review these items in the left hand itemized menu, or we can click "next" through the whole return to see that yes, these items are filled out correctly. I am super frustrated as I just want to send these returns off! Any help would be appreciated.
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