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  1. I find Denk's suggestion quite confusing in how it is worded. It sounds to me that Ufile will either not support the claiming of caregiver benefits, or to do so, forces the person filing for such a claim to enter the tax information twice, once as an independent file for the dependent parents, then another time again repeated in the tax filing of the head of the household. I'm curious why the existing mechanism for doing this work has been removed since 2013, at the inconvenience of the customer? I am also still not clear why we have to misrepresent the marital status of the parents in the family entry of the dependents, so we may claim their caregiver amount? As pointed out by antonyyang the inconsistency between the family and individual tax filings puts an undue burden on the family head to explain a software limitation, with the CRA. Is this practice certified by the CRA? I suspect inaccurate representation of personal information by tax software is not looked on too kindly by the authorities. I would like to see Ufile return to its 2013 practice by 2016 when I am filing my taxes.
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