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  1. Well, fortunately, the site is running smoothly again and I was able to submit on time. It would be nice to know what the cause was and what uFile plans to do to prevent this from happening again.
  2. Gaetan, what was the problem? I'm concerned that the service will crash again tonight.
  3. Going to bed since there's not much else I can do about this tonight. Good luck everyone and hopefully you'll be able to submit on time since we've got until May 1 at midnight: http://www.cra-arc.gc.ca/tx/ndvdls/tpcs/ll-dts/frms-eng.html "Note - Since April 30, 2017, is a Sunday, your return will be considered filed on time if we receive it on or it is postmarked on or before May 1, 2017." Here's hoping tomorrow brings better news!
  4. I just called uFile tech support line at 1-514-733-8414 after reporting the site being down and received a "due to a statutory holiday (?) our offices are presently closed" message ... what the heck?? The last days of tax season and they're not open to take calls? Did they not plan for this?? Also, lucky for me that I am in the 514 area code, but what about long-distance callers. Have they not heard of toll-free numbers? Honestly, I have been a dedicated user of uFile for over a decade now, but they've been dropping the ball all over the place today. Not impressed one bit.
  5. I think that uFile is experiencing serious technical issues tonight ... I can't even load my saved session from earlier today. When a page loads, it's mostly blank. I suspect that they may be dealing with database issues if you're not seeing your past data pre-filled. Sorry to hear you're experiencing problems too.
  6. Same here. What gives, uFile? Did you not anticipate a heavy server load the last 24 hours before the tax deadline?
  7. Unfortunately, SimpleTax does not support provincial Québec tax returns yet. I was about to make the switch because I find this new version of UFile buggy and frustrating to use. I have used the online version faithfully since I submitted my first return in 1999 with UFile. UFile has been so user-friendly for so many years and then ... this? I honestly think something as complicated and personal as income tax returns should see incremental changes ... not so radical as this version without any notice. Honestly, I only found out for the first time when I came to do what I thought was rather a straightforward return on May 1. I don't think I can finish it tonight because I have run into several obstacles. Gaetan said, "We are confident that UFile users will become accustomed to the changes and appreciate these added functionality and features." Sadly, I think the development team was too confident.
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