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  1. Thank you. You are right, the difference was coming from the T4 "Union dues" box.
  2. For tax year 2016, my spouse has three entries under the section "Union/professional dues" ($333, $60, $526) and they sum to $919, yet in the combined tax return summary the "Annual union, professional or like dues" (line 212) shows $1,794, so I am wondering: where is difference ($875) being included from? Note that I do not personally have any entries in that section (just my spouse does). Also, note that in tax year 2015 my spouse had $879 on line 212, and I had nothing.
  3. I found the spot! Interview > Your Name > Self-employment income > Income, expenses Self-employed commissions (T4A Box 020) (Enter the total if you have more than one amount)
  4. The following error is preventing me from filing my taxes: As far as I understand it, the T4A is unrelated to any particular business. Indeed, I collected CPP benefits (disability benefits), but I did not have a T4 slip for 2015. And I did have a self-employment income. How do I proceed?
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