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  1. I've tried contacting Ufile support a few times and all I would get is generic copy pasted responses. Since this is my first time using this program (and filing T2) I have the following questions below. 1) I was told by the Ufile team that I could request a web access code in the EFile tab by clicking on the "Federal Efile" option. However since this is my first time filing a T2, this option is completed greyed out and it does NOT allow me to click on that button to generate the web access code. Why is that? Am I doing something wrong? 2) I was also told that I can obtain the web access code is to call Corporation Internet Filing Helpdesk of the Canada Revenue Agency? OR Call Canadian Revenue Agency for the transmitter number? I'm assuming both those numbers are similar and will allow me to do the same thing (efile). I rather not have to call to request the number, especially when Ufile claims this can be done in Ufile T2. So how do I do it? 3) I've tried with 3 computers and different web browsers but for some reason the RESULTS tab on Ufile T2 DOESN'T load. It is stuck on loading screen forever. The T2 was paid for but I can't get to or past the RESULTS tab. How do I fix this? 4) I was told if I wanted to file the taxes manually I will need to print ''Print Federal Return'' and ''Print EFile Federal''. How come I need to print and submit ''Print EFile Federal''. What is contained in there? What happens if I did not print and submit the efile federal and only the federal return? 5) I was told to make sure the quikclik does not contain any 0's This was an extremely vague statement. What does this mean? My opening balance sheet is completed with $0 What should I do? Thanks for the help everyone!
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