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  1. I've PDFed and saved as a U15 file as well both in the same folder even in case that matters. I Netfiled my last year's return and saved it using UFile 2015. I've done this since 2012 using UFile, and this is the first year that it's not working. I do wonder if it has to do with the redesign last year (which was garbage by the way). I emailed support 17 days ago and haven't gotten a reply. I'm jumping ship off this disaster!
  2. I have done both. I'm guessing this is just a terrible bug. Hopefully it will be fixed with an update or I will have to switch to a more reliable tax software.
  3. I don't get how that helps. When you try to carry forward using UFile 2016, it can only browse for .u15 file types not .pdf Either way, I had a pdf version and u15 version in the same folder. Can you elaborate on how to use the pdf to carry forward?
  4. Hi all, I just bought UFile 2016 and have been using UFile for years. I have the latest version of UFile 2016 and am using Windows 10. I clicked carry forward from my 2015 UFile tax file. However, nothing seems to have carried forward. The only thing I got was my identifcation and current address. My rental property, capital gain carry forwards, etc. didn't auto-populate unlike previous years. Is this going to be fixed? I e-mailed support a week ago and got zero response.
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