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  1. I have used Ufile for several years now and never had an issue. I went through the process as usual and went to file tax returns for myself and two family members. One went through, mine had a minor error...I went back and fixed it. The info filled from CRA was not the same as my assessment for that line, despite the warning below I only had to change one line. Now everything reads accurate, but it's still sitting as "file rejected". Anyone know how to fix this? Is it something Ufile can fix or CRA? I am not really tech savvy to understand who can fix this. I really don't want to have to send this in by paper, as I have a refund coming. Error code(s):2197Please verify the following lines found on the Schedule 7:1) Make sure to enter the amount of unused RRSP/PRPP contributions available for 2016 from the Canada Revenue Agency's (CRA) records on line 1 of Schedule 7. This amount is: XXXX .2) Make sure to enter the total of the RRSP/PRPP contributions made after the first 60 days of 2016 and no later than the first 60 days of the following year, on line 245 of Schedule 7.3) If necessary, make sure any contributions you are designating as a repayment under the HBP and the LLP are correctly indicated on line 246 and/or 262 of Schedule 7.Once you make the necessary changes, try sending your return again.If the amount of unused RRSP/PRPP contributions available for 2016 in the CRA's records indicated above is incorrect, please call the Canada Revenue Agency’s Individual income tax and trust enquiries.
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