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  1. I already email support@ufile.ca on Monday. No answer from there either. As I said no support from Ufile. Stopping to buy Turbo Tax on my way home tonight. Ufile has lost a customer now. Considering they monitor this Forum and received an email but have refused to answer shows they really are not interested in supporting their customers.
  2. Well that was a waste of money buying Ufile used it for 10 years, I guess Ufile doesn't actively support their product anymore. Guess I will switch this year two a new product that offers and supports their product, Turbo tax bit more expensive, but maybe better support.
  3. I work as a sole Proprietorship. I just want to claim my vehicle expenses like mileage and repairs as my car is old and I purchased it quite awhile ago. I have filled out everything as I did last year but I keep getting to errors and cannot see why. When I click on the error messages it gives me nothing leaving me to believe it is a bug in the software. I even opened up my previous taxes and copied everything word for word still the same error messages that do not tell you anything. I have attached images to show what I have filled out. If anyone can tell me what I am missing I would much appreciate it.
  4. My spouse has over 11000 in tuition receipts and zero income. I have to transfer credits to me (Max). In theory this should change my owing. When I remove the credits it is the same as when I have credits? Am I doing something wrong or is this a bug.
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