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  1. I received the same message when trying to input an tuition deduction. I was using windows 7 on firefox. I switched to my daughters Mac book air using safari and it worked fine.
  2. After entering the tuition amount I payed on behave of my son on his return. I noticed I do get the credit and my own refund increases as expected. My question is i noticed it reduces the amount he is getting back. we have been claiming tuition on his behave since 2013. We have always entered the exact amount payed out and let the program handle it. After checking back to 2013 I had noticed the credit amounts the program was entering in seems higher then we entered. it sort of seems like we were receiving the maximum credits offered. (manitoba $5000.00) or something and some amounts have been carried forward. Now is it playing catch up. It reduced his amount by approx $600. Any help on what might be happening would be greatly appreciated. I am going to try calling the u-file help number offered mon-fri if I cannot figure things out.
  3. I have also received the same message. I used the help section and did receive 3 options to try the last being to call ufile they unfortunately only provide tech support mon-fri. i will look at the cra issue. thanks
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