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  1. Confirmed that 2015 must have been Netfiled or printed....using the Print button at the bottom of the Tax Return screen. That updates the software so it knows the return was filed. Tried this and it worked for me. Prior year donations and capital gains info now appear in 2016 return. Yay
  2. Have you had any luck with this issue?
  3. So returned to 2015 and indicated that return would be mailed, not Netfiled. Tried carry forward again...still missing prior year donations, cap gains etc.
  4. Perhaps related to this issue is the fact that the 2015 return was printed and mailed. Status in 2015 return indicates it has not been submitted. Can I change that somewhere to say it was in fact mailed?
  5. Also have done all of suggestions...pdf 2015 done, saved 2015 again, running as Administrator. Prior years donations, cap gains history....none carried forward. Please advise and or fix, In addition...had entered some data before realized prior year info missing. As suggested, I tried carry forward again. Now all previously entered data in 2016 is gone...must be reentered.
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