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  1. I took a few k in capital losses on crypto trades in 2018. I have calculated the loss accurately, and I want to find out where to enter the result. The "Capital gains" section has a "Stocks" option, but that requires you to enter every trade individually and there are literally thousands to enter - I am not doing that. Is there anywhere I can just enter a capital loss without going through each trade individually. If CRA wants that info I can provide it, but I can't reasonably go through each trade and enter it one at at time into UFile, I would be here for weeks.
  2. I am filing as common law, but not preparing returns together. To do so, I need to enter my spouse's line 236 in the basic spouse information section, and she needs my line 236. However, I don't know my line 236 until my return is calculated, and vice versa... How am I supposed to get a value from a tax box with a circular dependence!?
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